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Our Services

The following is a description of a typical project which can be completed in a partnership, and the descriptions below illustrate the contribution of Chromar Technology.
Any of the aspects described can be provided according to the customer’s needs.

Systems Analysis, Specifications  and Design

Optimization of lens parameters in terms of the total system,
taking into account for example, the effects of object parameters, atmospheric effects,
base motion and vibration, as well as the sensor to be used.
This defines the specifications according to which the lens has to be designed.
In many cases this phase also entails new concept development.
Lens systems with focal lengths ranging from 10 mm to 1 000 mm can be designed.

Lens design and analysis

This phase entails selection of the best type of lens (configuration),
then determining the complete prescription (glass types, radii of curvature,
lens thicknesses, separations, diameters, thermal analysis, tolerance analysis, etc)

Mechanical design

The mechanics form an integral part of the lens design process because it is
influenced by the tolerances required by the lenses, the thermal properties and
control of stray light, glare and glint.


Assembly is done in a laminar flow cabinet to provide a dust-free environment.


Chromar Technology uses an inhouse developed MTF tester to verify the
performance of every lens after assembly. This apparatus is very accurate
and yields repetitive results within a few %.