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Zoom Lens


This visual zoom lens has been developed for long range surveillance with applications in the security, military and industrial arenas. It fits a narrow  HFOV of 1° at FHD 1080p with 25x optical zoom into a 46x 58 x 149.5 mm volume. With the focusing lens and sensor protruding, the overall length is about 175 mm.

Sony produces a well-matched sensor chip having 2592 x 1944 2.2µm pixels, used by several sensor manufacturers. These images should be zoomed electronically by the user (clipped 26%) down to 1920 x 1080 to produce the FHD 1080p high quality image. The user may apply electronic zooming which will increase the full zoom ratio to more than 34x. If no electronic clipping is done when using these sensors, there is some vignetting evident right in the four corners of the image when completely zoomed out to the Wide Field position.

The lens has a simple GUI from where zoom positions and focus distance can be controlled.

Industry leading stepper motors with high precision position calibration, wide operating temperature with built-in temperature compensation, mill-spec vibration qualified, excellent boresight repeatability as well as very low boresight-through-zoom error, all combine in a compact, elegant package, ready for the most demanding airborne, ground and naval applications.





Narrow FoV

Spectral Ranges




3.8 – 6.8

2.4 mm

1° at 1080P format


Built, compact 173x58x46 mm
Rugged, boresight excellent



3 – 5.6

6.4 mm

1.7° at 1280 pixels


Designed, based on the visual zoom concept