Refracting Lenses

Refracting Lenses

Most of the lenses in this range provide a virtually diffraction limited performance over the total field of view and spectral range for which they are designed. The images are large (>10mm diameter) and because the performance is close to the diffraction limit, they can be used with any CCD to a maximum of 2/3”. The colour correction (either a-chromatic or apo-chromatic) is excellent, and some of the lenses are suitable to be used with any type of CCD, but others should be selected according to the sensor with which they are to be used: colour, B/W or NIR sensitive CCD’s. (See the individual specifications).

These lenses have been ruggedised and a-thermalised to maintain performance specification over a temperature range of at least -20°C to 60°C.

Special care is taken in the mechanical design to provide effective baffling, thereby eliminating glint and the “white-washing” of images when bright sources such as the sun are near the edge of the field of view. Every lens is tested and the measured MTF graph is supplied with the lens. Note that due to manufacturing tolerances the actual MTF performance is typically 5 to 10% lower than the design graph.

NOTE: CHROMAR Technology preserves the right to change any design or specification in order to improve a product or to more closely reflect actual performance, however, all effort will be made to maintain form and fit while improving function and performance.